Seattle is an urban city in the Pacific Northwest. The metropolitan area of Seattle, Washington also includes the headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft. This city not only contains thousands of acres of parkland but is also known as home to a large tech industry. This world-class city has wonderful attractions. The city includes various universities as well as high schools.

As it is very popular, so it is highly visited by tourists. Because of such reasons, the demand for high-speed internet services is very high in this city. The population of this city in Washington is estimated at 659,000. Due to this much population also, the demand for high quality and fast internet services remain at the top.

CenturyLink and XFINITY are considered a good option for internet services in this city. These two services providers are highly preferred in Seattle, WA, for their high-quality services. Their high-speed internet services are not just up to the mark but, are also inexpensive. These internet service providers offer Internet, Phone, and TV services in Seattle, Washington. Their offers are both amazing and affordable.

At just  $45/mo, CenturyLink offers 40 Mbps of speed in this city. Its packages for life internet services in Seattle, WA also includes Speeds from 100 to 140 Mbps at $55/mo, in which the user can connect 10+ devices and multiple users. The other package is of $85/month, which includes Speeds up to 40 Mbps and home phone along with unlimited nationwide and local calling.

This company also offers up to 1 GIG in select areas. Its in-home WiFi gives the users an amazing wireless internet experience. The @Ease protection plan offered by CenturyLink ensures that the user will get guard against cyber attacks.

On the other hand, XFINITY is also a good internet service provider. This company offers numerous plans and services for Internet, Home security, Mobile, Cable, Phone and home phone. Its internet plus basic service is for $44.99/mo, while internet plus basic + speed increase to Performance Pro Internet service, is for just $54.99/mo. At $74.99/mo is offers internet plus basic + speed increase to blast Pro Internet.

In Seattle, WA, this service provider offers the Xfinity Double Play, as well as, the Xfinity Triple Play so the users can bundle two or three of its amazing services like Xfinity Internet, TV, and Voice. So without any second thought we can say that when such amazing offers are given by these two companies, CenturyLink and XFINITY both are the good fit for the residents of Seattle, WA.