Seattle seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington. With an estimated 730,000 residents as of 2018, Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. According to U.S. Census data released in 2018, the Seattle metropolitan area’s population stands at 3.87 million and ranks as the 15th largest in the United States. In July 2013, it was the fastest-growing major city in the United States and remained in the Top 5 in May 2015 with an annual growth rate of 2.1%. In July 2016, Seattle was again the fastest-growing major U.S. city, with a 3.1% annual growth rate. Seattle is the northernmost large city in the contiguous United States.




Some of Seattle’s most popular annual fairs and festivals include the 24-day Seattle International Film Festival, the art and music festival Bumbershoot, Northwest Folklife over the Memorial Day weekend, several Seafair events throughout July and August, which consist of music, art, and entertainment over the Labor Day weekend. These events are attended annually by 100,000 people, as well as the Seattle Hempfest and two separate Independence Day celebrations.


Other well-known events include the Native American pow-wows, a Greek Festival hosted by St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Montlake, and various ethnic festivals (many associated with Festál at Seattle Center).


Then there other annual events such as the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair & Book Arts Show, Penny Arcade Expo, a gaming convention, an anime convention, Sakura-Con, a two-day, 9,000-rider Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, Children’s Film Festival Seattle, the Seattle Asian American Film Festival (formerly known as the Northwest Asian American Film Festival) and the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival.




CenturyLink is known for its incredibly fast online speeds and residential phone service. It can provide you with a network speed of up to 40 Mbps to ensure quick connections are a top priority. CenturyLink is also expanding their fiber-optic network by creating Gigabit per second plans and opening up a number of locations in Seattle. Now you can enjoy blazing high internet connectivity without even noticing a single lag.


Choosing CenturyLink for Seattle presents you with over 85 years of telecommunications expertise, and a corporation that has over 3 million satisfied customers. This way, you know that you have acquired the best quality online and phone service.


In short, CenturyLink provides the natives of Seattle with the following facilities:


  • Unmetered net access anytime.
  • Top-notch client service 24/7.
  • More competitive rating than the opponents.
  • Outstanding online security measures.
  • A satisfaction-guarantee for the first 30 days.


With fast internet speeds, you can enjoy doing the following activities:


  • Play any online games without experiencing any lag.
  • Watch videos and movies on any of your favorite video sites without being bothered by buffering pauses.
  • Make long-distance phone calls.
  • Stream music or transfer entire albums.
  • Download different applications, software, files, photos and more.
  • Surf the web while not hesitating or do online searching in no time.
  • Work remotely using a VPN.


CenturyLink offers a range of amazing benefits such as:


Reducing Costs


  • Better Bandwidth Utilization
  • Ongoing Monthly Savings
  • Moves, adds, changes and deletions (macd) activities via portal
  • Technical resource cost management


Business Efficiencies


  • Virtual numbers anywhere
  • Easier migration and deployment


Increasing Productivity


  • Always available
  • Enable a virtual workforce
  • Voicemail via email
  • Combine and simplify features
  • Portability


Simplifying Management


  • Converged network architecture
  • Business continuity
  • The rapid increase in capacity
  • Scalability


Improving Productivity


  • Improved support for remote workers
  • Data application integration
  • Video support


CenturyLink offers a range of amazing VoIP solutions such as:


Hosted VoIP


  • Eliminates the expense of maintaining equipment
  • Connects mobile workforce to the corporate office
  • Frees up IT resources to focus on core business
  • A cloud-based solution that enables IT pros to maintain administrative control without having to manage two separate networks
  • Service can be easily scaled to match business needs


Network VoIP


  • Use existing equipment to save money
  • Stop wasting expensive bandwidth
  • Pay only for time spent using the network (especially beneficial for seasonal businesses)
  • Get the latest mobility features that your users demand
  • Business Communicator application
  • Easily manage and configure users online
  • Share your existing PBX investment with all connected locations and users


On-Premise Managed VoIP


  • A complete communications system solution (hardware and software) from industry-leading manufacturers
  • End-to-end design and implementation
  • Network-based security solutions with round-the-clock monitoring, administration
  • of firewalls, updated intrusion detection signatures, filters, patches, and servers.


Vonage VoIP Features


  • Three-way calling
  • Bandwidth Saver
  • Anonymous call block
  • Call return
  • Call hunt
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID block
  • Do not disturb
  • In-network calling
  • International & directory assistance block
  • Network availability number
  • Ring lists


Vonage VoIP Benefits


  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Mobility Advantages
  • Faster Business Expansion
  • Brand Messaging
  • Integration with Major Business Applications
  • Establishing Your “Green” Brand
  • Expanding Reach and Awareness
  • Reporting and Streamlining
  • Brand Promotion Opportunity


With CenturyLink Prism TV, you have the power to control what you watch and when. We’re not just talking about local channels, special events or late night talk shows. CenturyLink’s state-of-the-art optic fiber technology successfully checks off all the right boxes with warp-speed channel change, on-the-go app, a wireless set-top box, and whole home DVR.


To see exactly what is in store for you, let’s have a closer look at CenturyLink Prism’s features and benefits.




  • Whole Home DVR: Prism’s Whole-Home DVR connects all of the televisions in your house with one DVR device to ensure that you record up to four of your favorite shows at once. With this, you can pause your show from your lounge, for instance when you get tired of watching, and then resume where you left off in your bedroom. The best part is that you don’t even have to be at home to record your shows that air during work times. You can still set recordings and reminders as long as you have internet connections.
  • Wireless set-top box: Wireless technology is a blessing. With a CenturyLink Set-top box, you can watch TV from anywhere you see fit, be it in the lounge, in the garden, in your bedroom, even in the bathroom.
  • Multi-View: With multi-view, you can view up to different shows from a single screen. No longer will you ever have to choose which to watch first.
  • Warp-Speed Channel Change: If you’re one of those who experience a certain lag between channel flipping, then CenturyLink Prism has just what you need. Thanks to its warp-speed channel change feature, there is practically no lag whatsoever when you switch between channels anymore.