Xfinity Home Security Seattle, WA!

Xfinity Home security makes it easier than ever to
protect your home and family with the latest security and automation equipment

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Xfinity Home Security Seattle, WA!

Keeping your home and family secure are top priority in a world of increasing threats and criminal activity. Most modern home security systems can be difficult to operate for homeowners who aren’t technologically inclined, they also can be quite expensive for those property owners who want premium protection at every turn. With Xfinity Home Security, the days of dealing with complicated home security systems that burn through your pocket each month are long gone.

Xfinity Home Security uses industry-leading security protocols and advanced monitoring systems to ensure that every inch of your home is covered. With Xfinity Home Security, you will gain access to 24/7 professional monitoring services which keep you safe at all times. You will also get cellular and battery backup capabilities which keep your security system running in the event of a power outage or extreme weather conditions.

Using the touchscreen controller that comes standard as part of your Xfinity Home package, you can control all of your security settings and receive real-time alerts when activity is detected on your property. If you have X1 TV services, you can even control your home security system using the remote for increased accessibility and response in the event of an emergency.

With the Xfinity Home app, you can monitor a live video feed of your security cameras so that you always know what’s going on around your property. You also have the ability to control your thermostat settings, turn your lights on/off, check the status of your door locks, and much more all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Every Xfinity Home Security package comes with the following equipment:

  • Motion Sensor
  • 3 Window/Door sensors
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Touchscreen Controller

If you want to expand your coverage, you can add extra equipment to your package for a one-time fee. You can select from smoke detectors, a Zen thermostat controller, wall outlet controllers, security cameras, and much more.

Xfinity Home Security Seattle, WA services start as low as $29.95/mo. and put the power of ultimate security in your hands. If you are interested in Xfinity Home services, you can get started today by visiting your local Xfinity retailer or by contacting Xfinity customer support.

Make sure your family and home stay protected with Xfinity Home Security!

Xfinity Home Security Seattle, WA | Look after your home, family and valuables from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone

Get 24/7 professional monitoring on a secure network, and remotely control your home from one easy-to-use website or mobile app.


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Xfinity Home Security Seattle, WA – Xfinity Home comes with different options depending on your service tier and equipment package

Comcast Xfinity Xfinity Home connects to a certified Central Monitoring Station through a broadband connection with cellular backup (at no additional cost) to ensure that when power is lost, you and your family are still safe.

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